Biology MCQs Quiz

Solved General Biology MCQs Quiz for Competitive Exams Set 8

General Biology Mcq’s Quiz with Answers for NTS, CSS, FPSC, PMS and PPSC Test Online Preparation. These Objective type Questions are also for students who are willing to attempt MCAT entry test. MCQs are taken from Caravan General Knowledge Book.

1. Wisdom teeth normally grow between the age of _______ ?

(a) 34-40
(b) 17-30
(c) 45-55
(d) 10-17

2. “Dossier” means _______ ?

(a) The do of medicine
(b) The actual thing
(c) Relevant papers
(d) Unarranged papers

3. Lack of __________ causes diabetes ?

(a) Sugar
(b) Insulin
(c) Calcium
(d) Vitamins

4. The biopsy is done on _________ ?

(a) Tissue taken from a dead body
(b) Tissue taken from a living body
(c) BIood from veins
(d) Blood from arteries

5. Triple antigen vaccine is given to children to protect them against ______ ?

(a) Polio
(b) Whooping cough
(c) Tuberculosis
(d) Contagious diseases

6. A man weighing 96 kg consists of approximately _______ litres of water ?

(a) 50 litres
(b) 66.5 Iitres
(c) 82 litres
(d) 421itres

7. Which of the following is not in the inner ear ?

(a) Eustachian tube
(b) Cochlea
(c) Semicircular canals
(d) Sacculus

8. In what form is the food in onion stored ?

(a) Sugar
(b) Cellulose
(c) Starch
(d) Protein

9. The plant part rich in carbohydrates is ________ ? 

(a) Potato tuber
(b) Spinach leaf
(c) Onion
(d) Orange fruit

10. The green colour of plants is due to the presence of ________ ?

(a) Sodium
(b) Phosphorus
(c) Chlorophyll
(d) Iron

11. Which one of the following plants bears no fruits but produces seeds ?

(a) Groundnut
(b) Sugarcane
(c) Cycas
(d) Almond

12. Age of a tree can be determined by _______ ?

(a) Counting the number of rings in the stem
(b) Counting the number of leaves
(c) Counting the number of branches
(d) Measuring the size of the tree

13. Protein which acts as the hormone is ?

(a) Casein
(b) Oxytocin
(c) Trypsin
(d) Keratin

14. During the daytime plants _______ ?

(a) Take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide
(b) Take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen
(c) Take in nitrogen and give out oxygen
(d) Take in carbon dioxide and give out nitrogen

15. Plants receive their nutrients mainly from _______ ?

(a) Chlorophyll
(b) Atmosphere
(c) Light
(d) Soil

16. Potato is a modified form of ________ ?

(a) Root
(b) Stem
(c) Fruit
(d) Leaf

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