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Mountains and Glaciers

Who was the first Pakistani to clumb the K-2?

A. Mohsan Razvi B. Ashraf Aman C. Nasir Hussain D. Zahid ALi

What is the average height of Koh-e Sufaid?

A. 3200 meters B. 3500 meters C. 3000 meters D. 5560 metes

Which is the youngest mountain range on the earth ?

A. Hindu kush B. Korakoram C. Himalayas D. Alps

What is the Height of Broad Peak?

A. 8126 meters B. 8092 meters C. 8075 meters D. 8047 meters

The height of Nanga parbat peak is ?

A. 8016 meters B. 8126 meters C. 8086 meters D. 9901 meters

What is the Height of Tirichmir peak ?

A. 7690 meters B. 7350 meters C. 7870 meters D. 7140 meters

What is the average height of Chaghi range ?

A. 3500 meters B. 2500 meters C. 4000 meters D. 3000 meters

The height of Potwar Plateau is ?

A. 300-600 meters B. 200-500 meters C. 320-550 meters D. 380-650 meters

What is the average height of salt range ?

A. 675 meters B. 700 meters C. 640 meters D. 590 meters

Gasherbrum I is also known as _____________?

A. Hidden Peak B. Killer Peak C. White Peak D. Black Peak

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