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What is the first manifestation of faith in Islam?

A. Zakat B. Prayer C. Kalmah D. Hajj

Basic pillars of Islam are?

A. 4 B. 6 C. 5 D. 7

in Islam Legislation refers to___________?

A. Islamic Laws relating to mutual relation of human beings B. Rules and Regulation for governing a nation C. Both of them D. None of these

The 4th pillar of Islam is?

A. Namaz B. Fast C. Tauheed D. Zakat

What is the literal meaning of islam is _________?

A. To bow down the neck B. To obey C. To have safty D. All of these

What is the verbal meaning of word “islam”?

A. Belief on Allah B. Confidence of Allah C. Obedience of Allah D. Worship of Allah

The 5th pillar of Islam is?

A. Hajj B. Tauheed C. Namaz D. Zakat

The Second Pillar of Islam is?

A. Namaz B. Fast C. Touheed D. Zakat

The Action (Amal) of Islam depends on___________?

A. Confidence B. Faith C. Struggle D. None of These

According to the holy Quran what is the chosen religion of Allah?

A. Jewish B. Confucianism C. Islam D. Christian

The common value among the people of Pakistan is?

A. Dress B. Language C. Habits D. Islam

The color of the first Islamic flag was _________ ?

A. Black B. White C. White and Black D. Green

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