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General Knowledge MCQs Quiz

________ was the court language of Mughals ?

a. English b. Urdu c. Persian d. Hindi

________ was first and only muslim women ruler of Delhi ?

a. Shah Taj Begum b. Razia Sultana c. Queen Elizabeth d. None of these

A new born baby has ________ many bones ?

a. 300 b. 306 c. 308 d. none of these

________ company’s vaccine candidate has become the fourth one in the United States to enter phase 3 trials ?

a) Eli Lilly and Company b) Abbott Laboratories c) Johnson & Johnson  d) None of these Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine entered Phase 3 trials in the United...

_________ nation will soon register a second COVID-19 vaccine ?

a) Russia b) United States c) China d) None of these Russia will soon register a second COVID-19 vaccine, informed Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 23, 2020....

________ nation will co-host Global Climate Summit in December along with the United Nations ?

a) Russia b) UK  c) Germany d) USA United Nations and Britain will co-host a global climate summit on December 12, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary...

Legendary former cricketer Dean Jones passed away on September 24, 2020 due to cardiac arrest. He played for ________ nation ?

a) England b) Australia c) New Zealand d) None of these The legendary former Australian batsman Dean Jones passed away on September 24, 2020 in Mumbai, India due...

_______ is the currency of Indenesia ?

a. Rayal b. Dinar c. Rupiah d. None of these

Headquarter of NATO is in ________ country ?

a. USA b. Brussels c. UK d. None of these

Biggest oil refinery is located in ________ country ?

a. Saudi Arabia b. Turkey c. Iran d. None of these

_______ is the smallest bird ?

a. Sparrow b. Humming bird c. Crow d. None of these

_______ was the First Person who received Nishan-e-Haider ?

a. Captain Raja Sarwar b. Raja Aziz Bhatti c. Shabbir Sharif d. None of these

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________ nation remained non-committal on the UNSC reforms sought by G-4 countries ?

a) US b) France c) China  d) None of these China once remained non-committal on India’s permanent membership in the UN Security Council and the reforms sought by...

The G4 nations recently called for urgent reforms in the UN Security Council. _______ is not a G4 nation ?

a) US b) Japan c) Germany d) None The G4 countries - India, Japan, Brazil and Germany during a virtual meeting of the foreign ministers of the G4...

________ country is also known as “country of Copper” ?

a. South Asia b. Canada c. Zambia d. None of these

_________ country is called the Land of Rising Sun ?

a. China b. South Africa c. America d. Japan