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In latent demand, consumers may share a strong need that cannot be satisfied by a/an____________?

A. Future Product B. Expected Product C. Latent Product D. Existing Product

In __________more customers would like to buy the product than can be satisfied.

A. latent demand B. irregular demand C. overfull demand D. excessive

Many brick-and-click competitors became stronger contenders in the marketplace than the pure-click firms because they had a larger pool of resources to work with...

A. Better prices B. Well-established brand names C. One-on-one communications D. direct selling capability

Marketers often use the term ___________ to cover various groupings of customers.

A. People B. Buying power C. Demographic segment D. Market

Good marketing is no accident, but a result of careful planning and __________?

A. Execution C. Strategies D. Tactics e. Research

The most formal definition of marketing is ____________?

A. Meeting needs profitably B. Identifying and meeting human and social needs C. The 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) D. an organizational function and a set of...

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