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Many countries have ________ industries to create greater competition and growth opportunities.

A. open-market B. deregulated C. regulated D. scientifically segmented

Marketers argue for a __________ in which all functions work together to respond to, serve, and satisfy the customer.

A. Cross-functional team orientation B. Collaboration model C. Customer orientation D. Management-driven organization

Charles Revson of Revlon observed: “In the factory, we make cosmetics; in the store, _________.

A. we sell quality B. we challenge competitors C. we implement ads D. we sell hope

Customers are showing greater price sensitivity in their search for ___________.

A. The right product B. The right service C. The right store D. Value

A Marketer is someone seeking a response from another party, called the __________.

A. Customer B. Fund raiser, contributor C. Voter D. Prospect

Rising promotion costs and shrinking profit margins are the result of ___________.

A. Changing technology B. Globalization C. Deregulation D. Heightened competition

In latent demand, consumers may share a strong need that cannot be satisfied by a/an____________?

A. Future Product B. Expected Product C. Latent Product D. Existing Product

In __________more customers would like to buy the product than can be satisfied.

A. latent demand B. irregular demand C. overfull demand D. excessive

Many brick-and-click competitors became stronger contenders in the marketplace than the pure-click firms because they had a larger pool of resources to work with...

A. Better prices B. Well-established brand names C. One-on-one communications D. direct selling capability

Marketers often use the term ___________ to cover various groupings of customers.

A. People B. Buying power C. Demographic segment D. Market

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