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A job specification is one of the areas of ___________?

A. job analysis B. job design C. job description D. job summary

Recruitment policy usually highlights need for establishing ____________?

A. job specification B. job analysis C. job description D. none of the above

Job identification is one of the components of _____________?

A. job specification B. job design C. job description D. job evaluation

The Michigan Model emphasis the following functions and their interrelates.

A. selection, recruitment, induction and promotions B. appraisal, rewards, promotions and retention C. selection, recruitment, rewards and promotion D. selection, appraisal, rewards and human resource development

When an interviewer asks the questions to the candidate according to the response received from him and the questions asked are not pre-determined in...

A. unprepared type of interview B. unstructured interview C. unconditional interview D. none of the above

When an interviewer prepares a list of questions in advance and asks those question to the candidate to obtain the information from him; it...

A. a structured interview B. a well-organized interview C. a systematic type interview D. none of the above

A broad, general and written statement of a specific job based on the findings of an analysis is called as __________?

A. Specific Job Design B. Job Identification C. Specific Particular Analysis D. Job Description

The Job Characteristics Model is one of the most influential attempts to____________?

A. design jobs with increased motivational properties B. assign jobs with proper motivational properties C. analyse jobs with increase and proper motivation D. describe jobs with increase...

One of the important organizational factors affecting ‘Job Design’ is ___________?

A. Workflow B. Autonomy C. Feedback D. Diversity

systematic and orderly process of determining the worth of a job in relation to other jobs is ____________?

A. worth job specification B. job description C. job evaluation D. job identification

A broad statement of the purpose, scope, duties and responsibilities of a particular job is___________?

A. job specification B. job description C. job analysis D. job design

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