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Computer MCQs Quiz

Computer processor can only understand ________ ?

a. Machine Language b. C++ c. BASIC d. Assembly Language

Computer mouse is a _______ type of device ?

a. Input b. Output c. Storage d. None of these

_______ is not a PowerPoint View ?

a. Outline view b. Slide view c. Presentation view d. Slide show view

Rows in Microsoft Excel are labeled as ________ ?

a. 1, 2, 3, etc b. A1, A2 etc c. A, B, C, d. None of these

_______ material is used in making Computer Chips ?

a. Copper b. Steel c. Fiber Glass d. Silicon

_______ is not an Operating System ?

a. DOS b. Linux c. Windows d. Oracle

“Notepad” in a computer can be used for ______ ?

a. Text b. Text and image c. Image d. All of these

_______ type of a device is a computer mouse ?

a. Input b. Output c. Data d. Storage

One Mega bite is equal to _______ ?

a. 1024 Bytes b. 1024 kilo Bytes c. 1024 Giga Bytes d. 1024 bits

_______ is a volatile memory ?

a. ROM b. BIOS c. PROM d. RAM

Ctrl+N in MS Word is used to _______ ?

a. Save Document b. Open Document c. Close Document d. Open New Document

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