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Computer MCQs Quiz

_______ files have an ‘mpeg’ extension ?

a. Audio b. Video c. Image d. Flash

_______ is the shortcut key for page break in MS Word ?

a. Ctrl+Enter b. Shift+Enter c. Space+Enter d. None of these

________ layer of OSI model used by router ?

A. layer 2 B. layer 4 C. layer 3 D. None of these

________ Shortcut keys use to switch to the next windows ?

A. Alt + tab B. Shift + Tab C. Alt + Ctrl D. Ctrl + Tab

The length of IP address is ______ bits ?

a. 16 bits b. 24 bits c. 32 bits d. none of these

__________ Key is not found in normal computers / laptops ?

A. Turn key B. Alt key C. del key D. caps lock

________ is the core of the operating system ?

A. Shell B. Kernel C. Commands D. None of these

With ______ interface, users interact with menus and visual images such as icons, buttons, and other objects to issue commands ?

A. Command-Line Interface B. Menu-Driven Interface C. Graphical User Interface  D. None of these

An anti virus program is designed to __________ computer virus ?

A. Identify and eliminate B. Scan device and identify C. Scan, identify and eliminate D. Scan device and eliminate

Windows registry is __________ ? 

A. Windows register to store clipboard B. The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores low-level settings for OS C. Microsoft program to enable or disable...

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