The area of KPK is ?

A. 74,421 B. 75,521 C. 73,521 D. 74,521

The highest mountain of KPK is __________ ?

A. K-2 B. Tirch Mir C. Nanga Parbat D. All of them

Who was the first Chief Minister of KPK?

A. Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan B. Sahibzada Zafar Ali Khan C. Abdul Ghafoor Hoti D. None of them

Who was first Muslim Governor of KPK after Independence of Pakistan?

A. Sahibzada Muhammad Khursheed B. Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan C. Arbab Sikandar Khan Khalil D. None of them

Which area is called gun factory of the tribal areas ?

A. Darra Isa Khel B. Darra Khyber C. Darra Adam Khel D. Kohat

Chowk Yadgar Peshawar commemorates the heroes of the _________ ?

A. Kashmir War B. 1965 Indo-Pakistan War C. 1971 War D. None of them

Lords of the Khyber is written by _________ ?

A. Andre Joseph B. Kipling C. Yousuf Khan D. Andre Singer

Tarbela dam is situated in _________ ?

A. Kashmir B. KPK C. FATA D. Gilgit Baltistan

Bala Hisar Fort is located in __________ ?

A. Peshawar B. Swat C. Mardan D. Dir

How many Police ranges are in KPK?

A. 7 B. 4 C. 8 D. 3

The local languages of KPK are ?

A. Pushto B. Hindko C. Chitrali D. All of them

Which mountain range separates Pakistan and Afghanistan ?

A. Karakoram range B. Pamirs Range C. The Hindu Kush D. Kirthar Range

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