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Biology MCQs Quiz

The study of fossils is called ________ ?

A. Environmental Biology B. Historical biology C. Palaeontology D. Social biology

Blood is carried towards the heart by ________ ?

A. Arteries B. Capillaries C. Veins D. None of these

Haemodialysis means cleaning of _________ ?

A. Urine B. Blood C. Glomerular filterate D. None of these

In animals coordination is achieved by means of _______ ?

A. Nervous system B. Endocrine system C. Respiratory system D. Both A and B

Immunization by vaccination was first introduced by ________ ?

A. Fleming in 1945 B. Florey & Chain in 1975 C. Flore & Chain in 1795 D. Edward Jenner in 1795

The first antibiotic to be discovered was __________ ?

A. Penicillin B. Cephalosporin C. Amino glycosides D. Erythromycin

Robert Hooke discovered ___________ ?

A. Nucleus B. Mitochondria C. Cell D. None of these

Malaria is associated with _________ ?

A. Culex Mosquito B. Culiesta Mosquito C. Anopheles Mosquito D. Culex & Anopheles Mosquito

A group of similar cells that perform a specific function is _______ ?

A. Organ B. Tissues C. Organelle D. Organ System

Various tissue types combine to make up _________ ?

A. Cells B. Organs C. Organ System D. Organelles

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