Biology MCQs Quiz

Solved General Biology MCQs Quiz for Competitive Exams Set 3

General Biology Mcq’s Quiz with Answers for NTS, CSS, FPSC, PMS and PPSC Test Online Preparation. These Objective type Questions are also for students who are willing to attempt MCAT entry test. MCQs are taken from Caravan General Knowledge Book.

1. Which is an essential constituent of diet ?

(a) Starch
(b) Glucose
(c) Amino acid
(d) Carbohydrates

2. Which has maximum protein ?

(a) Groundnut
(b) Cow milk
(c) Egg
(d) Wheat

3. Which of the following gives maximum energy in metabolic process ?

(a) Proteins
(b) Carbohydrates
(c) Wtamins
(d) Fats

4. Lack of essential amino acids in the diet can cause disease such as _______ ?

(a) Kwashiorkor
(b) Rickets
(c) Scurvy
(d) Diabetes

5. Which are not the essential constituents 0f balanced diet ?

(a) Carbohydrates
(b) Fats
(c) Vitamins
(d) Hormones

6. Which of the following regulates the metabolism of Sugars ?

(a) Thyroid
(b) Insulin
(c) Hydrocortisone
(d) None of above

7. The digestion of fat in intestines is aided by ?

(a) Diffusion
(b) Protection
(c) Peptization
(d) EmilsifIcation

8. Hair, fingernails, hoofs etc. are all made of ______ ?

(a) Fat
(b) Vitamins
(c) Proteins
(d) Iron

9. Deficiency of sodium and potassium causes ?

(a) Muscular Cramps
(b) a Headache
(c) Diarrhea
(d) All are Correct

10. Substances used to bring relief in pain are called ?

(a) Antipain
(b) Antipyretics
(c) Antibiotics
(d) Analgesics

11. Interferon is ?

(a) Tonic
(b) Virus
(c) Carbohydrate
(d) Ore of iron

12. What is the main purpose of white blood corpuscles ?

(a) To carry nutrients
(b) To combat infection
(c) To carry oxygen
(d) To give strength

13. The total volume of blood in a normal human being is ______ ?

(a) 5-6 liters
(b) 3-4 liters
(c) 8-10Iiters
(d) 10-12Iiters

14. Red blood corpuscles are formed in the _______ ?

(a) Liver
(b) Bone marrow
(c) Kidneys
(d) Heart

15. Blood does not coagulate inside the body due to the presence of ______ ?

(a) Haemoglobin
(b) Heparin
(c) Fibrin
(d) Plasma

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