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Physics General Knowledge MCQs Quiz for Competitive Exams with Answers Set 15

Physics MCQs Quiz for Competitive Exams.This post contains Physics Objective Questions and Answers for NTS, PPSC, CSS, FPSC, PMS, OTS, PTS Tests and Interviews. These Objective Physics Questions and Answers are to prepare online competitive exams. MCQs are taken from Caravan Comprehensive GK Book.

1. Tube light works on the principle of _______ ?

(a) Chemical effect of current
(b) Heating effect of current
(c) Magnetic effect of current
(d) Discharge of electricity through gases

2. In a refrigerator. cooling is produced by ______ ?

(a) The ice which deposits on the freezer
(b) The evaporation of a volatile liquid
(c) The sudden expansion of a compressed gas
(d) None of the above

3. Air is completely removed from an electric bulb to prevent _____ ?

(a) Oxidation of tungsten filament
(b) Bursting of the bulb
(c) Loss of light due to absorption
(d) None of the above

4. A person climbing a hill bends forward in order to ______ ?

(a) Avoid slipping
(b) Increase speed
(c) Reduce fatigue
(d) Increase stability

5. On earth, a moving body ordinarily comes to rest by itself because of the _______ ?

(a) Law of inertia
(b) Forces of Friction
(c) Conservation of momentum
(d) Gravity

6. When the door of an operating refrigerator is opened, the temperature of the room will _______ ?

(a) Decrease
(b) Remain unchanged
(c) Fall down immediately
(d) Increase

7. An electric motor is used to convert ________ ?

(a) Electrical energy into mechanical energy
(b) Mechanical energy into kinetic energy
(c) Mechanical energy into electrical energy
(d) Higher voltage to lower voltage

8. Two parallel wires carrying currents in the same direction attract each other because of _______ ?

(a) The potential difference between them
(b) The mutual inductance between them
(c) Electric forces between them
(d) Magnetic forces between them

9. The energy of a body due to its motion is called ______ ?

(a) Heat energy
(b) Kinetic energy
(c) Potential energy
(d) Light energy

10. A moving ball stops due to the action of _______ ?

(a) Nuclear Force
(b) Frictional Force
(c) Electric Force
(d) Magnetic Force

11. The energy stored in a stretched spring is _______ ?

(a) Potential energy
(b) Kinetic energy
(c) Heat energy
(d) Elastic potential energy

12. In cells chemical energy is transformed into _______ ?

(a) Kinetic energy
(b) Potential energy
(c) Heat energy
(d) Electrical energy

13. When a body is dropped from a certain height, the gravitational potential energy is converted into _____ ?

(a) Elastic potential energy
(b) Chemical energy
(c) Kinetic energy
(d) Light energy

14. The human body converts the chemical potential energy of food into ______ ?

(a) Kinetic energy
(b) Light energy
(c) Nuclear energy
(d) Heat energy

15. Electrochemical energy is required for the working of _______ ?

(a) Circulatory system
(b) Nervous system
(c) Excretory system
(d) Digestive system

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