Solved PPSC Provincial Management Service Past Paper VOL 19


This post contains Solved PPSC Provincial Management Service Past Paper MCQs. MCQs are provided here for practice purpose. Students and job seekers can prepare these Multiple Choice Questions for online preparation of PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, OTS, PTS Exams and interviews.


1. Which is the highest military award of Italy?

(A) Medal of Honour
(B) Medal for Valour
(C) Military Cross
(D) Iron Cross

2. Football World Cup 2010 was won by?

(A) Spain
(B) France
(C) Italy
(D) Brazil

3. In human body, flat bones are found in?

(A) neck
(B) skull
(C) legs
(D) chest

4. If there were no atmosphere, what would be the colour of the sky?

(A) Red
(B) Blue
(C) Black
(D) White

5. “Contours” are lines connecting places having?

(A) Equal temperature
(B) Equal pressure
(C) Equal height
(D) Equal rain fall

6. “Our sweetest songs are those that tell us of saddest thoughts”. These words are attributed to?

(A) Keats
(B) Wordsworth
(C) Shelley
(D) Milton L

7. Who created the famous character of “Dracula”?

(A) Stanley Kubrick
(B) John Polidori
(C) James Cameron
(D) Bram Stoker

8. “White goods” are?

(A) Basic raw materials
(B) Durable consumption goods
(C) Cosmetic articles
(D) Goods imported from western countries

9. America’s Cup‘ is associated with which of the following sports?

(A) Canoeing
(B) Yachting
(C) American Football
(D) Paragliding

10. Khudadad Khan was the first South Asian soldier in the British Army to receive the highest military award for gallantry, the Victoria Cross, during the First World War. In which country was he fighting where he performed the act of bravery, which earned him the Victoria Cross?

(A) France
(B) Austria
(C) Belgium
(D) Netherland

11. Deosai National Park is remarkable as it is one of the highest plateaus in the world with an average elevation of 4,114 meters. In which region of Pakistan is located?

(A) Balochistan
(B) Gilgit-Baltistan
(C) Potohar-Punjab
(D) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

12. G.T. Road is one of the main highway of Pakistan. What does G.T. stand for?

(A) General Traffic
(B) Grand Trunk
(C) General Turner
(D) Kyber Pakhtunkhwa

13. How many administrative Divisions are there in Punjab?

(A) 8
(B) 6
(C) 3
(D) 9

14. Which one of the following districts of Punjab has the lowest population density?

(A) Dera Ghazi Khan
(B) Layyah
(C) Rajanpur
(D) Bahawalpur

15. Lal Suhanra National Park is located near?

(A) Multan
(B) Bahawalpur
(C) D.G. Khan
(D) Sahiwal

16. Headquarters of the African Union (AU) located in ?

(A) Johannesburg
(B) Cairo
(C) Dakar
(D) Addis Ababa

17. Which of the following Indian Nobel Prize winners is associated with economics?

(A) V.S. Naipaul
(B) Amartya Sen
(C) C.V. Raman
(D) Hargobind Khorana

18. The Earth takes about____________ to complete one rotation around its axis?

(A) 48 hours
(B) One month
(C) 24 hours
(D) 365 days

19. When a gas turns into a liquid he process called?

(A) Condensation
(B) Evaporation
(C) Deposition
(D) Sublimation

20. Yeast used in making of bread is a ?

(A) Fungus
(B) Plant
(C) Bacteria
(D) Seed

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