Past PPSC Paper for the post of Junior Clerk in Punjab Police Department Set 1


Past Paper for the Post of Junior Clerk in Punjab Police. This paper was held in 2017 and this post is the Part one of this Paper. You can practice these MCQs for different tests of NTS, PPSC, CSS, FPSC, PMS, OTS, PTS and other tests and interviews.These Solved Multiple Choice Questions are good to practice for other PPSC and NTS tests. Multiple Choice Questions in this post are for students and people who are looking for the job. They can practice these Objective type solved Questions for different Tests.

1. De jure means ______ ?

(A) By Right
(B) By Law
(C) By the way
(D) By itself

2. What is halfway between 103 and 301 _____ ?

(A) 199
(B) 200
(C) 201
(D) 202

3. The Capital city of Tajikistan is _______ ?

(A) Ashgabat
(B) Kunduz
(C) Samarkand
(D) Dushanbe

4. Which Surahs are called Muazatain ______ ?

(A)Surah Al-Feil & Surah Quraish
(B) Surah Al-Mulk & Surah Furqan
(C) Surah Al-Falak & Surah An-Nas
(D) None of these

5. UNO Is considered to be a universal organization. Which organ of the UN has the full representation of all member states of UN _______ ?

(B) General Assembly
(C) Security Council
(D) Secretariat

6. To investigate certain offences including corruption, federal Investigation Agency-FIA was established in Pakistan by ______ ?

(A) President Ayub Khan
(B) Prime Minister Z.A Bhutto
(C) General Yahaya Khan
(D) President Zia ul Haq

7. Ricky Ponting was the captain of ______ ?

(A) Australian Cricket Team
(B) English Cricket Team
(C) West Indies Cricket Team
(D) New Zealand Cricket Team

8. Who is the author of the book titled “Witness to Surrender” ______ ?

(A) Brig Siddiq Salik
(B) Col. Muhammad
(C) Lt. Gen. Shahid Aziz
(D) Hassan Askari Rizvi

9. Neelum Valley is in ______ ?

(A) Swat
(B) Gilgit
(C) Hunza
(D) Azad Jammu and Kashmir (J & K)

10. Acid rain contains high levels of ______ ?

(A) Oxalic Acid
(B) Sulphuric Acid
(C) Nitric Acid
(D) Both B and 6

11. Select the most OPPOSITE word: Miscellaneous ______ ?

(A) Similar
(B) Vague
(C) Different
(D) Mingle

12. USB Flash Drive is a commonly used portable device to store data. What does USB stand for _______ ?

(A) Universal Serial Bus
(B) Universal Storage Bank
(C) Unique Storage Bus
(D) Universal Storage for Business

13. Fill in the blank: “You must stick __________ your promise” ?

(A) in
(B) on
(C) by
(D) to

14. What number should come next? 3,4,7,8,11,12. ____ ?

(A) 7
(B) 10
(C) 14
(D) 15

15. The seismograph is a scientific instrument used for ______ ?

(A) Recording Earthquakes
(B) Recording Fluctuations in blood pressure
(C) Detecting underground gas fields
(D) Recording depth of oceans

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