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_____ football team won the 2018–19 Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League for the sixth time in Madrid, Spain ?

1) Manchester City
2) Liverpool
3) Arsenal
4) FC Barcelona

Liverpool football team has beaten Tottenham Hotspur by 2-0 to claim 2018–19 UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Champions League for the sixth time in Madrid, Spain. It was the 64th season of the tournament organized by UEFA, and the 27th season since it was renamed from the European Champion Clubs’ Cup to the UEFA Champions League.Now, Liverpool will play against Chelsea, the winners of the 2018–19 UEFA Europa League, in the 2019 UEFA Super Cup that will be held in August 2019 in Istanbul. The team is also qualified for the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup to be held in December at Qatar.

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