Which SAARC Member Country has Largest Literacy Rate


A. Bangladesh
B. Sri Lanka
C. China
D. Indonesia

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation:

SAARC was founded in Dhaka (Capital of Bangladesh) on 8 December 1985 and there were 7 states at the time of establishment. and Its secretariat is based in Kathmandu (Capital of Nepal). for promotion of economic and social progress, cultural development, relations. Afghanistan joined SAARC as its eighth member state in April 2007. among SAARC countries “Maldives” (99%) has the highest Literacy Rate.

Currently there are 8 members of SAARC:

List of SAARC countries by Literacy Rate

Literacy Rate
1 Maldives 99%
2 Sri Lanka 98.1%
3 India 74.4%
4 Nepal 66%
5 Bangladesh 57.7%
6 Pakistan 55%
7 Bhutan 52.8%
8 Afghanistan 28.1%


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