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Two new bird species named as ‘Wakatobi white-eye’ and ‘Wangi-Wangi white-eye’ was found in _____ country ?

1) Srilanka
2) India
3) Bangladesh
4) Indonesia

On 24th April 2019, Zoologists at Trinity College Dublin have discovered two new bird species named as the Wakatobi white-eye and the Wangi-Wangi white-eye in the Wakatobi Archipelago of Sulawesi, Indonesia.Details of their discovery were published in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. The discovery revealed the fact of how these species developed.In the same journal, Alfred Wallace and Charles Darwin published their game-changing original ideas about speciation in 1858. A team led by Professor Nicola Marples has been studying birds on Sulawesi Island since 1999.The Wakatobi white-eye also called as Zosterops Chloris flavissimus.

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