Top 100 Most Repeated Every Day Science MCQs for the Preparation of exams Vol 5


Here are the most repeated MCQs for the Preparation of PPSC, FPSC, and all other Government and Private Sector Job Vacancies Tests. Prepare these Questions before going for Tests.


  1. which of the following is an organic molecule needed by the body in small amounts?
    a. Protein
    b. Vitamin C
    c. Zinc
    d. Monosaccharide
  2.  Inhaled air passes through which of the following in the last?
    a. Bronchiole 
    b. Larynx
    c. Pharynx
    d. Trachea
  3.  Which of the following is a form of sexual reproduction?
    a. Hermaphroditism 
    b. Fission
    c. Fragmentation
    d. Budding
  4. Cobalt is a material which is
    a. Strongly attracted by a magnet
    b. Not attracted by a magnet
    c. Not a magnet
    d. None of these
  5.  Laughing gas has chemical composition of the following two elements which are
    a. Nitrogen + Hydrogen
    b. Nitrogen + Carbon
    c. Nitrogen + oxygen
    d. Oxygen + Carbon
  6.  Hepatitis A is transmitted to different individuals by
    a. Water 
    b. Sneezing
    c. Spit
    d. Feces
  7.  The unit that coordinates different devices of the computer system is
    a. ALU
    b. Register
    c. Control unit
    d. Logical instruction
  8.  The most abundant element present is in the human body is
    a. Nitrogen
    b. Oxygen
    c. Carbon
    d. Hydrogen
  9.  Cancer can be treated by
    a. Antibiotics and vaccines
    b. Radiotherapy and antibodies
    c. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy 
    d. Antibodies and chemotherapy
  10.  Animals obtain carbon dioxide mainly from
    a. Starch
    b. Sucrose
    c. Glycogen
    d. None of these
  11. Person with following blood group are considered to be universal recipient
    a. A+
    b. B+
    c. AB+
    d. O+
  12.  Study of life in outer space is known as
    a. Endobiology
    b. Exobiology
    c. Enterobiology
    d. Neobiology
  13.  The name of the common mineral salt present in seat is
    a. Calcium Oxalate
    b. Potassium Sulphate
    c. Sodium Chloride
    d. Iron Sulphate
  14.  Sensitive layer of the eye is
    a. Choriods
    b. Sclerotic
    c. Retina
    d. Cornea
  15.  Laughing gas has chemical composition of following two elements
    a. Nitrogen + Hydrogen
    b. Nitrogen + Carbon
    c. Nitrogen + Oxygen
    d. Oxygen + Carbon
  16. Television signals are converted into light signals by
    a. Optical fiber
    b. Transistor
    c. Decoder
    d. photo diode
  17. Which triplet in DNA codes for valine
    a. CTT
    b. AGU
    c. CAT
    d. None of these
  18.  Which form of drug abuse involves most risk of infection with the HIV AIDS. virus
    a. Cigarette smoking
    b. Using alcholo
    c. Injection of heroine
    d. Taking too much aspirin
  19. Which of the following is not a part of Darwinism
    a. Over production
    b. Natural selection
    c. Inheritance for acquired characters
    d. Competition for survival
  20. Role of biotechnology in the production of food based on
    a. Decomposition
    b. Respiration
    c. Digestion
    d. Fermentation


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