Top 100 Most Repeated Every Day Science MCQs for the Preparation of exams Vol 3


Here are the most repeated MCQs for the Preparation of PPSC, FPSC, and all other Government and Private Sector Job Vacancies Tests. Prepare these Questions before going for Tests.



41. Water is heated in a kettle. The inside water is heated by convection. A                  person sitting near the fire receives heat by
a. Conduction
b. Convection
    c. Radiation
d. Reflection

42. Hygrometer is used for measuring the
a. Speed of sound
b. Density of milk
    c. Humidity of air
d. Specific gravity of liquids

43. The measurement of rainfall is made by an instrument known as
a. Hydrometer
b. Barometer
c. Hygrometer
    d. None of these

44. Light year is a unit of
    a. Distance 
b. Time Period
c. Light intensity
d. Time

45. Three elements needed for the healthy growth of plants are
    a. N,P,K 
b. N,C,P
c. N,K,C
d. N,S,P

46. Copper can be converted into gold by
a. Heating
    b. Artificial Radioactivity
c. Electroplating
d. Chemical reaction

47. In winter an iron pipe feel colder than a wooden window. This is because                wood is
a. Conductor
    b. non-Conductor
c. Semi- Conductor
d. Not a solid while iron is a solid

48. Defeciency of following vitamin decreases hemoglobin production
a. Biotin
b. Thiamine
c. Niacin
    d. Pyridoxine

49. It is possible to recognize a person in the dark by simply hearing his unique            voice. It is because of the
a. pitch
b. Frequency
c. Time period
    d. Quality 

  1. Chemical name of vinegar is
    a. Sodium Nitrate
    b. Dilute acetic acid
    c. Chloride of lime

51. A six feet tall lady wants to see her full image in a plane mirror. The minimum       length of the mirror will be
a. 6 feet
b. 12 feet
c. 4 feet
    d. 3 feet 

52. The principle used in radar is the same as that of Sonar. In radar we use radio       waves; whereas in sonar we use
a. red waves
b. Infrared waves
    c. Ultrasonic 
d. Super sonic

53. Dry ice is
a. Methane hydrate
b. Liquid Nitrogen
    c. Solid Carbon dioxide
d. Frozen Water

54. Parsec is a unit of
a. Energy
b. Time
c. Power
    d. Distance

55. German Silver is an alloy of
a. Zn + Ni
    b. Cu + Zn 
c. Cu + Ni
d. Cu + Sn

  1. The Continent Antarctica lies at the
    a. North pole
    b. South pole
    c. middle of the earth
  2. One of the countries through which equator passes is
    a. Kenya
    b. Malaysia
    c. Malta
    d. Pakistan
  3. Lactometer is a type of Hydrometer which is used to measure the specific gravity of
    a. Honey
    b. Water
    c. Milk
    d. olive oil
  4. Cusec is a unit of
    a. Area
    b. Time
    c. Distance
    d. None of these
  5. The deepest place on earth is
    a. Trench
    b. Mariana Trench
    c. Mangrove
    d. Groove

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