Top 100 Most Repeated Every Day Science MCQs for the Preparation of exams Vol 2


Here are the most repeated MCQs for the Preparation of PPSC, FPSC, and all other Government and Private Sector Job Vacancies Tests. Prepare these Questions before going for Tests.


  1. Lock Jaw, i.e., difficulty in opening the mouth is a symptom of
    A. Cholera
    B. Plague
    C. Tetanus
    D. Diphtheria
  2. Which of the following pairs is incorrect?
    A. Plague-rats
    B. Rabies-dog
    C. Tapeworm-pig
    D. Poliomyelitis-monkey
  3. Orbital period of the planet Mercury around the sun is
    A. 88 days
    B. 365 days
    C. 2 years
    D. 98 days
  4. Ricketts is a disease of the
    A. Bones
    B. Tissue
    C. Muscles
    D. Blood
  5. Which of the following statements is correct?
    A. Pulmonary artery carries pure blood
    B. Pulmonary artery carries impure blood
    C. Pulmonary vein carries impure blood
    D. None of these
  6. Lungs are situated in the
    A. Abdominal cavity
    B. Pericardial cavity
    C. Buccal cavity
    D. Thoracic cavity
  7. The human cell contains
    A. 44 chromosomes
    B. 48 chromosomes
    C. 46 chromosomes
    D. 23 chromosomes
  8. Enzymes help in
    A. Respiration
    B. Digestion of food
    C. Immune system
    D. Reproduction
  9. Food is normally digested in the
    A. Liver
    B. Stomach
    C. Small intestines
    D. Large intestines
  10. Myopia is a disease connected with
    A. Ears
    B. Eyes
    C. Lungs
    D. Brain
  11. Leukemia is a disease of the
    A. Lungs
    B. Blood
    C. Skin
    D. Nerves
  12. Short-sightedness can be corrected by using
    A. Convex lens
    B. Concave lens
    C. Convex-concave lens
    D. Concave-convex lens
  13. Trachoma is a disease of the
    A. Liver
    B. Eyes
    C. Lungs
    D. Kidneys
  14. Which of the following is most elastic?
    A. Steel
    B. Rubber
    C. Glass
    D. Sponge
  15. Typhoid and cholera are typical examples of
    A. Infectious diseases
    B. Air-borne disease
    C. Water-borne disease
    D. None of these
  16. Pyorrhea is a disease of the
    A. Nose
    B. Gums
    C. Heart
    D. Lungs
  17. Lack of what causes diabetes
    A. Sugar
    B. Insulin
    C. Calcium
    D. Vitamins
  18. Appendix is appendix is a part of
    A. Small intestine
    B. Large intestine
    C. Stomach
    D. Liver
  19. Bronze is an alloy of
    A. Copper and Zinc
    B. Tin and Zinc
    C. Copper and Tin
    D. Iron and Zinc
  20. Bronchitis is a disease of which of the following organs?
    A. Blood
    B. Bladder
    C. Liver
    D. Respiratory tract


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