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The book on biodiversity series, released during World Environment Day 2019 was ____ ?

1) The diversity of life
2) Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet
3) Reptiles of the Northern Western Ghats
4) The World Without Us

Third book of the biodiversity series named “Reptiles of the Northern Western Ghats” was launched in an event in Mumbai by Minesh Dave, President Transmission and Distribution in the presence of its co-author and devoted conservationist, Professor Dr Satish Pande, director of Ela Foundation, along with Vivek Vishwasrao, head – Estate (LG), Tata Power. This book covers details of over 123 endangered species of reptiles. It was launched by Tata Power in association with Ela Foundation. It has details regarding different species of snakes, crocodiles, tortoise, lizards and chameleons nestled in one of the world’s important biodiversity hotspots.

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