[Quiz] GK & Pakistan Current Affairs Quiz 17 January 2021


GK & Pakistan Current Affairs Quiz 17 January 2021 for NTS, PPSC, CSS, FPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC, OTS, PTS and All other Govt Jobs & exams. Today GK Current Affairs Questions 2021 with answer for competitive exam blog to increase your General Knowledge.

Q: China commissioned its first nuclear-powered “artificial sun” on _________ date ?

A. 3rd Dec 2020
B. 4th Dec 2020
C. 6th Dec 2020
D. 8th Dec 2020

Q: ________ nation’s transitional government signed Juba Peace Agreement with rebel groups ?

A. Ethiopia
B. Turkey
C. Sudan
D. None of these

Q: Office of strategic service (OSS) was the old name of ________ Intelligence agency ?

A. MI6
D. None of these

Q: Greg Barclay was elected as the new independent chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC), belongs to ________ country ?

A. Australia
B. New Zealand
C. England
D. None of these

Q: ________ 15-year-old scientist and inventor who has been named as Time magazine’s first “kid of the year” ?

A. Bellen Woodard
B. Gitanjali Rao
C. Jordan Reeves
D. None of these

Q: _______ nation plans to enrich uranium to up to 20 percent purity at Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant ?

a) Iran
b) Israel
c) Russia
d) Ukraine

Q: _______ country has become the first one to roll out low cost Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine ?

a) Britain 
b) US
c) Japan
d) France

Q: ________ nation has sanctioned international protocol to abolish death penalty ?

a) Armenia
b) Turkmenistan
c) Afghanistan
d) Kazakhstan

Q: The well preserved remains of Ice Age Woolly Rhino were found in ________ nation ?

a) Russia
b) Antarctica
c) Greece
d) Iceland

Q: Former PM Zafarullah Jamali passes away at the age of _______ on Wednesday 2nd Dec 2020 ?

A. 70
B. 73
C. 76
D. 80


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