[Quiz] GK & Pakistan Current Affairs Quiz 15 January 2021


GK & Pakistan Current Affairs Quiz 15 January 2021 for NTS, PPSC, CSS, FPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC, OTS, PTS and All other Govt Jobs & exams. Today GK Current Affairs Questions 2021 with answer for competitive exam blog to increase your General Knowledge.

Q: _______ observatory of NASA has discovered Water On A Sunlit Surface Of The Moon ?

A. Heliosphere
B. NasCom
D. Molave

Q: Total Number of seats in Gilgit Baltistan Assembly is ________ ?

A. 30
B. 35
C. 40
D. 33

Q: On _______ day of November of the leap year the US Presidential elections are conducted ?

A. Tuesday
B. Monday
C. Sunday
D. Friday

Q: ___________ is the Current CEO of Zong Network ?

A. Wang Hua
B. Liu Dianfeng
C. Abdul Aziz
D. Mr. Rashid Khan

Q: Arif Anis won “Brain of the year 2020” award for his _________ services ?

A. Free delivery of food during covid19
B. Discovery of vaccine of covid19
C. Discover of hapteatus vaccine
D. None of these

Q: _______ has been awarded a knighthood in the UK New Years Honours list ?

a) Lewis Hamilton 
b) Daniel Craig
c) Sean Connery
d) None of these

Q: _________ company will launch Libra cryptocurrency in 2021 ?

A. Instagram
B. Facebook
C. WhatsApp
D. None of these

Q: In _______ City Prime minister Imran Khan inaugurated Pakistan’s newest private airline AirSial on 9th Dec 2020 ?

A. Lahore
B. Karachi
C. Islamabad
D. Sialkot

Q: _______ Pakistani lecturer ranked among World’s Top 1% computer science researchers ?

A. Dr Mubashir Husain Rehmani
B. Dr Tanveer Ahmad
C. Dr Shams ur Rehman
D. None of these

Q: _______ country becomes the second to plant their national flag on the Moon ?

A. China
B. Russia
C. United States
D. Japan


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