[Quiz] GK & Pakistan Current Affairs Quiz 11 May 2021


GK & Pakistan Current Affairs Quiz 11 May 2021 for NTS, PPSC, CSS, FPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC, OTS, PTS and All other Govt Jobs & exams. Today GK Current Affairs Questions 2021 with answer for competitive exam blog to increase your General Knowledge.

Q: OCR stands for _________ ?

A.  Output Character Recorder
B.  Output Character Recognition
C.  Optical Character Recorder
D.  Optical Character Recognition

Q: Herodotus is known as ________ ?

A. Father of Physics
B. Father of Comedy
C. Father of History
D. Father of Chemistry

Q: ________ Ghazwa was fought 4 times ?

A.  Tabook
B.  Khyber
C.  Badr
D.  Hunain

Q: Free port means _________ ?

A. Where no export duties are levied
B. Where no import duties are levied
C. Where no export or import duties are levied
D. None of these

Q: ________ is a valid currency ?

A. Promissory note
B. Currency note
C. Exchange rate
D. Bank cheque

Q: _________ was not a classical economist ?

A. Adam Smith
B. Thomas R. Malthus
C. John Stuart Mill
D. John Maynard Keynes

Q: Fear of darkness is called __________ ?

A. Nyctophobia
B. Ophthalmophobia
C. Magalomania
D. Mysophobia

Q: Fear of death is called _________ ?

A. Toxicophobia
B. Theophobia
C. Scelerophobia
D. Thanatophobia

Q: The scientific study of teeth is known as _________ ?

A. Odontology
B. Ornithology
C. Orthoepy
D. Pedagogy

Q: Extreme fear about beauty is called _________ ?

A. Claustrophobia
B. Cynophobia
C. Cellophobia
D. Chronophobia


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