[Quiz] GK & Pakistan Current Affairs Quiz 09 August 2020


GK & Pakistan Current Affairs Quiz 09 August 2020 for NTS, PPSC, CSS, FPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC, OTS, PTS and All other Govt Jobs & exams. Today GK Current Affairs Questions 2020 with answer for competitive exam blog to increase your General Knowledge.

Q: ________ country has the largest area in the world ?

A. Canada
B. China
D. Russia

Q: ________ famous personality of Pakistan who served as only Pakistani and also first Asian to preside over International court of Justice and also served as President of UN General Assembly ?

A. Liaqat Ali Khan
B. Gen.Ayub Khan
C. M.Zafarullah Khan
D. None of these

Q: _______ Country’s army fire 31 members for alleged sex abuse against minors in July, 2020 ?

B. Combodia
C. Colombia
D. None of these

Q: Muhammad Tughluq shifted his capital from Delhi to ________ city ?

A. Lahore
B. Daulatabad
C. Bombay
D. None of these

Q: _______ is the Russian private space agency that aims to send the two private tourists, one of them will be the first in history to perform a space walk, to International Space Station in 2023 ?

A. Rosco
B. Energia
C. Aerospace
D. Druzar

Q: _________ becomes first female Lieutenant General of Pakistan Army ?

A. Zakiya Jamali
B. Nigar Johar
C. Suhai Aziz
D. None of these

Q: __________ is the width of side Gallery of badminton court ?

A. 44 cm
B. 45 cm
C. 46 cm
D. 48 cm

Q: __________ is the meaning of “Capital Punishment” ?

A. Punishment that is very light
B. The death sentence or penalty
C. Public punishment
D. None of these

Q: The Union Flag, or Union Jack, is the national flag of _________ country ?

A. United States
B. United Kingdom
C. United Nations
D. European Union

Q: Wimbledon Tennis Grounds are in ________ country ?

A. France
B. Australia
C. Germany
D. England

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