Islamic Studies Knowledge MCQs for the preparation of all Public Service Commissions Tests , NTS, PTS, BTS, CTS and other tests for Jobs.

1. In Arabic, the word jihad translates as a noun meaning?
A. Effort
B. Fight back
C. Struggle
D. Resist

2. How many Ghazwat were fought in the month of Ramzan?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

3. A Verse of the Holy Quran indicates the name of________?
A. Hazrat Usman
B. Hazrat Zaid
C. Hazrat Saad
D. Hazrat Muaaz

4. What are the Ashras of Ramazan called?
A. Ashra-e-Rehmat
B. Ashra-e-Maghflrat
C. Ashra-e-Nijat
D. All of them

5. How many times the word jihad appears in the Holy Quran?
A. 41
B. 42
C. 43
D. 44

6. In which Surah of Holy Quran there is mention of Zulqarnain?
A. As-suff
B. Al-Kahaf
C. Al-Mujadala
D. Yusuf

7. Surah Saba is?
A. Makki
B. Madni
C. Both A & B
D. None of them

8. The month of Ramazan is known a?
A. Sayyed ul Ayyam
B. Sayyed us Shahoor
C. Both A & B
D. None of them

9. Who was the first writer of “Wahi” in Quraish?
A. Hazrat Abdul Rahmnn bin Auf (R.A)
B. Hazrat Abdulla bin Zubair (R.A)
C. Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit (R.A)
D. Hazrat Ibn Masuod (R.A)

10. Surah Hajj consists of 10 Rukus and ________ Ayats?
A. 70
B. 75
C. 78
D. 82

11. The word Muhammad (PBUH) as a name has been mentioned in Oman only________?
A. Two times
B. Four times
C. Six times
D. Seven times

12. Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice?
A. Al Nehal
B. Al Ahzaab
C. Al Namal
D. Al Noor

13. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) gave the key of Bait Ullah permanently to Hazrat________?
A. Hazrat Usman (R.A)
B. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (R.A)
C. Hazrat Usman bin Talha (R.A)
D. Hazrat Huzaifa (R.A)

14. Who is called “Saqi Zam Zam”?
A. Hazrat Abbas (R.A)
B. Hazrat Hamzah (R.A)
C. Hazrat Muaz bin Jabal (R.A)
D. Hazrat Muawiyah (R.A)

15. Masjid Zu Qiblatain is situated in________?
A. Madina
B. Makkah
C. Taif
D. Jabal-e-Noor

16. QUBA mosque has been mentioned in _________?
A. Surah al Tauba
B. Surah Anfal
C. Surah Dhuha
D. Surah Al Muzammil

17. Sadaq-e-Eid-ul-Fitr was proclaimed in the year?
A. 2 Hijri
B. 3 Hijri
C. 4 Hijri
D. 5 Hijri

18. The effective Zakat System can ensure the elimination of ________?
A. Poverty
B. Interest
C. Class Distinction
D. Ignorance

19. The “IFK” event is described in the Qur’an in?

A. Surah Noor
B. Surah Tauba
C. Surah Baqarah
D. Surah Yaseen

20. Who established Stipends for the poor among the Jews and the Christians?
A. Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A)
B. Omar Farooq (R.A)
C. Usman Ghani (R.A)
D. Ali Al-Murtaza (R.

Answers to MCQs Vol 5

1.   A
2.   A
3.   B
4.   D
5.   A
6.   B
7.   A
8.   B
9.   A
10. C
11. B
12. C
13. C
14. A
15. A
16. A
17. A
18. A
19. A
20. B


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