Islamic History and Culture Paper CSS 2019 Solved MCQs with Answers


Islamic History and Culture 2019 CSS Paper MCQs solved. Here are the Multiple Choice Questions MCQs which were asked in Islamic History and Culture paper CSS 2019.

1. Who was the Author of kashf ul Mahjoob ?
     Ali Hujwiri

2. Abdal Malik ibn Marwan was ___?

3. Who was the Last Umayyad Caliph?
     Marwan II

4. Which is the most sacred place in the World ?

5. Name the Battle which is fought against Jews?

6. Quran compilation began in the tenure of which Khalifa?
     Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A

7. King Roderic was defeated by whom ?
    Tariq bin Ziyad

8. Rise of Ottoman Empire ?

9. Sufism developed during whom era ?

10. Crusades fought between which two communities ?
     Muslims & Christians

11. Who was Al Mansur?
     Abbasid (2nd Abbasid Caliph)

12. Who was As Saffah ? 
   Abu al Abbas

13. Manjaneeq was first used by whom ?
     Muawiyah R.A




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