GK & Pakistan Current Affairs Quiz 26 November 2019


GK & Pakistan Current Affairs Quiz 26 November 2019 for NTS, PPSC, CSS, FPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC, OTS, PTS and All other Govt Jobs & exams. Today GK Current Affairs Questions 2019 with answer for competitive exam blog to increase your General Knowledge.

Q: Name of the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection is ______?

A. Malika Bukhari
B. Babar Awan
C. Dr Ishrat Hussain
D. Dr Sania Nishtar

Q: SBP formally issues commemorative coin on Guru Nanak ______ birth anniversary ?

A. 550th
B. 560th
C. 500th
D. none of these

Q: ______ points Pakistan improved on Worlds Banks Ease of doing business Index 2020 ?

A. 28
B. 29
C. 33
D. 32

Q: The 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg received Amnesty International’s “Ambassadors of Conscience” award on climate disaster, she belong to _______ country ?

A. Sweden
B. Denmark
C. Norway
D. Finland

Q: Taliban revoked ban on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Afghanistan and gave a guarantee of security for its staff in their under control area ______ ?

A. 15 June 2019
B. 15 July 2019
C. 15 August 2019
D. 15 September 2019

Q: ______ country has recently launched the World’s biggest transport spaceship named “Kounotori8 or HTV 8” ?

1) Japan
2) China
3) Russia
4) United States

Q: ______ has released its 2019 World Economic Outlook report ?

(a) The United Nations
(b) World Economic Forum
(c) New Development Bank
(d) International Monetary Fund

Q: ______ is not the new member of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) ?

(a) Brazil
(b) Germany
(c) China
(d) Indonesia

Q: ______ new states has been elected by the United Nation General Assembly for UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) ?

(a) 14 States
(b) 13 States
(c) 16 States
(d) 15 States

Q: ______ space agency completing the first-ever all-female spacewalk ?

(c) JAXA
(d) NASA



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