100 Most Important Idioms For FPSC, and CSS Exams Preparation Vol 2


Here are the most repeated Idioms  for the Preparation of PPSC, FPSC, and all other Government and Private Sector Job Vacancies Tests. Prepare these Idioms before going for Tests.


 51. Get Cold Feet

To experience nervousness or anxiety before one attempts to do something-Good luck getting her out on stage, she always gets cold feet before a performance.

52. Topsy-Turvy

Confused, not well organized, or giving importance to unexpected things-The government’s topsy-turvy priorities meant that the spending on education would remain low.

53. Get Under Someone’s Skin

To bother or irritate someone-I know he is bothersome, but don’t let him get under your skin.

54. Neck And Neck

Exactly even or level especially in a race or a contest-Opinion polls showed the two major parties neck and neck.

55. Every Trick In The Book

Every possible way-I’ve tried every trick in the book to get him to notice me, and still no luck!

56. Be In The Lap Of The Gods

To be out of one’s control or power-The doctors have done everything possible for him, so his recovery now is in the lap of the gods.

57. On The Line

At risk of failing or being harmed-Firefighters regularly put their lives on the line.

58. Look Over One’s Shoulder

Watch for danger or threats to oneself-Bob has been a little paranoid since the robbery, and is always looking over his shoulder.

59. Wiggle Room

The space, time, or freedom to make changes as needed-We need to leave ourselves some wiggle room when we’re negotiating the deal.

60. Steal Thunder

To take attention or credit away from someone else-She did not announce the news at the party because her friend was getting married and she did not want to steal her thunder.

61. Worth Your Salt

Good at your job-Any accountant worth their salt should be aware of the latest changes in taxation.

62. In Bits And Pieces

In many small fragments-We heard about the boss’s affair in bits and pieces from her secretary.

63. Hand Over Fist

Make or lose a lot of money very quickly-Business was good and we were making money hand over fist.

64. Foot The Bill

To pay for something-I hope the production company is footing the bill for all of this air travel.

65. Let The Dust Settle

To allow a situation to become calm or normal again after something exciting or unusual has happened-Let’s just let the dust settle before we decide what to do.

66. Beyond The Grave

After death-Do you think there’s life beyond the grave?

67. In A Pickle

In a troublesome or difficult situation-John has gotten himself into a pickle. He has two dates for the party.

68. Get Someone’s Goat

To annoy someone very much-That sort of attitude really gets my goat.

69. Wing It

To improvise, to do something extemporaneously-I didn’t have time to prepare this speech, so I’ll have to wing it.

70. Go To Town

Do something thoroughly, enthusiastically, or extravagantly-They’ve really gone to town on their wedding.

71. Oil The Wheels

To make it easier for something to happen-An aid programme was established to oil the wheels of economic reform in the region.

72. Have A Field Day

To have the freedom or an opportunity to do something one wants, to have a very enjoyable time-The press is going to have a field day if this story gets out.

73. Tick All The Boxes

To satisfy or fulfill everything that is necessary or desired-His newest thriller ticks all the boxes the author’s fans will be hoping for.

74. By Leaps And Bounds

Rapid, by large movements forward-The profits of my company are increasing by leaps and bounds.

75. Be Done And Dusted

Be completely finished or ready-I’m exhausted, but at least the work is done and dusted.

76. Magnum Opus

The most important piece of work done by a writer or artist-Picasso’s Guernica is considered by many to be his magnum opus.

77. High Horse

An attitude of moral superiority-My sister needs to get off her high horse and stop lecturing me because I know she was a troublemaker as a teenager.

78. Make No Bones About

Not to try to hide your feelings-He made no bones about his dissatisfaction with the service.

79. Put On A Pedestal

To admire or love someone so much that you believe they have no faults-Most people put athletes and movie stars on a pedestal.

80. Cup Of Tea

If something is not your cup of tea, it is not the type of thing of that you like-Thanks for inviting me, but ballet isn’t really my cup of tea.

81. Urban Legend

A modern story of obscure origin and with little or no supporting evidence-Are there alligators living in the New York City sewer system, or is that just an urban legend?

82.Strike A Chord

Cause someone to feel sympathy, emotion, or enthusiasm-The issue of food safety strikes a chord with almost everyone.

83. Catch Someone Off Guard

To surprise someone in a way that makes the person feel confused or uncertain-The news caught her completely off guard – she didn’t know what to say.

84. Set Up Shop

To start your own business-She set up shop back in 1965 with a very small restaurant in the Kings Road.

85. Have Something Under Your Belt

To have learned or succeeded in something that might be an advantage in the future-Basic computer skills are a good thing to have under your belt.

86. Rhyme Or Reason

Logical explanation-His mood suddenly changed without rhyme or reason.

87. Put Words In Someone’s Mouth

To say that someone means one thing when the person really meant something else-I never said you should leave – don’t put words in my mouth.

88. Walk On Eggshells

To try very hard not to upset someone or something-When my mother is staying at our house, I feel like I am walking on eggshells.

89. Wee Hours

The early hours of the morning, between twelve o’clock at night and the time when the sun rises-He was up until the wee hours trying to finish his work.

90. Stepping Stone

An event or experience that helps you achieve something else-I see this job just as a stepping stone to better things.

91. Not Bat An Eyelid

Show no surprise or concern-She paid the bill without batting an eyelid.

92. Be All Ears

To be waiting eagerly to hear about something-I’m all ears, tell us what they had to say.

93. Inside Out

Thoroughly, down to the last detail-I have been studying this material for weeks now, so I know it inside and out.

94. Pet Peeve

Something that a particular person finds especially annoying-One of my biggest pet peeves is poor customer service.

95. Keep Someone On Their Toes

Cause someone to remain alert and ready for anything that might happen-He keeps changing the rules, just to keep us on our toes.

96. Strike One’s Fancy

To seem interesting or pleasing to oneself-She has enough money to buy anything that strikes her fancy.

97. Full Of Oneself

To think that one is very important in a way that annoys other people-I doubt he even thought about what you might need, he’s so full of himself.

98. Trials And Tribulations

Troubles and events that cause suffering-The trials and tribulations of marriage.

99. Jump Through Hoops

To do a lot of difficult things before you are allowed to have or do something you want-I had to jump through hoops to get you that job.

100. Go The Extra Mile

To make more effort than is expected of you-He is a nice guy, always ready to go the extra mile for his friends.


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