Tips To Score Good Marks in MDCAT Test


UHS conducts MDCAT test every year for students who wanted to have an admission in the medical college. Thousand of students appeared in this test but 3000 selected to become the future doctor of Pakistan. It is a competition among the students, depending upon the score. So students have to give the maximum potential to secure the seat in the medical college. To prepare for the test the students are advised to follow the below-mentioned steps that will help them to score good marks in the test.

Set A Time Table

Make a chart detailing the division of preparatory leaves and the subjects you will be covered in those days. Paste this time table near your bedside or study table and keep track of it right from the start to avoid any stress. As soon as you observe yourself giving up on your studies in the middle of the day, just push yourself a little harder by referring to this plan and believing it is the right way to prepare for MDCAT. This way, the time table serves as a constant motivation for the students on the verge of quitting. Allocate a proper time to each subject as it will assist the students to cover the maximum syllabus in less time. Push yourself a little harder and make sure to follow the study schedule properly.

Organize Your Study Material

The time of the students is very precious as they have to prepare the wholesome syllabus to attain good grades. But the irrelevant and the unnecessary study material can waste the time. So before starting the preparation organizes the test material including the important books and notes that will prove helpful.

The best study materials that you need to pay attention and regards to are:

  • Textbooks

Visit the UHS official website and get a hold on the chapters and syllabus described on it for MDCAT 2020.

For the students with an educational background other than FSc pre-medical, you need to worry. The topics described by UHS for the MDCAT syllabus are provided in your A-Levels/CIE books as well. So, you may prepare them easily from there or refer to some key understandings from FSc textbooks for convenience.

  • Past papers

Nothing guides you better than past papers. They help you comprehend the examiners’ points of view while selecting MCQs from a topic, the weightage they will be assigned to every subtopic and the types of MCQs they will be including in general. It’s literally this much pronounced in the past papers.

Analyze Strength and Weakness

Analyze your strength and weakness by testing the previous knowledge you have. It will save you from a lot of the troubles and assist you to have the crystal clear concepts. Try to put some extra effort into the subjects you considered as your weakness.

Take Mock Tests

Take mock tests for practice either at home or in some academy. This will prepare your impulses and reflexes for the defining day and help minimize the effects of the anxiety that MDCAT creates for the candidates.

With these basic strategies and humble pieces of advice, we hope your journey becomes a bit less troublesome for you

Sleep And Eat Well

‘’Healthy body has a healthy mind.’’ Preparation of MDCAT can be hectic but try to take little breaks and have a proper meal. If you don’t do this, then after a few days you will lose your energy and your mind will not be able to absorb new things. According to doctors if a person is not taking proper sleep then his or her mind will not work at its best.

You may save your time by not eating on time or by not taking proper sleep but it will bring you no good but troubles and hurdles in learning and memorizing things. So just be true to yourself and let your body eat and rest properly so it can cooperate with you during MDCAT preparation.

Practice Makes A Man Perfect

You can master anything if you keep practicing it in the right way. The success of MDCAT lies in a fact that how much you practice and how you convert your weaknesses into your strengths.

  • Listen to lectures
  • Take the test of that topic or chapter.
  • Check your test or get it checked by the teacher so you can find your mistakes.
  • Make a list of the topics in which you lack.
  • Revise the topic with new method and strategy. Don’t only memorize things you need to build logic and facts to solve the MDCAT test.
  • Seek the help of your teacher to know the right answers to your wrong questions.
  • Seek the help of the fellow student who has better knowledge of those concepts.
  • Then again take a test. You can also take online lectures and can give an online test which helps you to build your concepts.
  • You should also help your fellow students about the topics in which you have good command and knowledge.

Maybe fewer marks in the practice tests let you down but you have to carry it with full enthusiasm because the strategy of MDCAT test is completely different from FSc. learning method. So it is completely OKAY if you find hurdle at the start of the preparation all you have to do is to remain consistent and determined for this test.

Solve Full-Length MDCAT Test

You should prepare yourself 100% before going for the test. Take full-length MDCAT test with the key, in the same way, you are going to take MDCAT test. Figure out your mistakes while attempting the entrance exam. By doing this you will have the idea of following things

  • How much time you are taking.
  • Are you filling your answer sheet properly?
  • Which subject is taking your maximum time?
  • Are you not facing any hurdle without a calculator?
  • Are you using the right strategy to solve the paper?
  • What is your aggregate after the test?

It is a necessary thing to do. So don’t just rely on the practice test, must solve full-length practice exam of MDCAT test during preparation.