Sindh High Court orders to start four-year program in colleges


The Sindh High Court (SHC) has constituted a high-level reform committee on petitions filed for educational reforms and is directed to include only educationists in the committee. The apex court, while ordering to start a four-year program in 60 colleges across the province, said that four-year degree programs should be started in 60 colleges this year and 100 more next year.

The apex court directed to start a four-year graduation program in all 350 colleges of the province after two years. On Monday, a two-member bench headed by Justice Salahuddin Panhwar heard the petitions filed by the Pakistan Institute of Labor Education and Research. During the hearing, the court expressed its displeasure for not starting 16 years BS Degree program in colleges and said that you are cheating children. Students cannot get a job or admission on the basis of 14-year education outside the country. 14 years degree is useless and just a piece of paper.

The court ordered to take action against universities that do not start four-year degree programs. On this occasion, the court asked the education secretary that other provinces have started 16 years degree program, when will you do it?

During the hearing, the Secretary Colleges said that there are 350 colleges in the province out of which 340 are functional. On which the court said that you know that children were cheated for 40 years, a child who goes out after spending millions of rupees does not get admission, your job is to get a four-year program started in every college and university which is offering the two-year degree program.