Oncologist Suggested Women To Pay More Attention To Health Than Adoring Themselves


Nishtar Medical University (NMU) Head of Oncology Department

Nishtar Medical University (NMU) Head of Oncology Department Dr. Ahmed Ijaz Masood advised women to pay more attention on their health than makeup and dresses. He gives awareness on Breast Cancer at Women University Multan (WUM), Dr. Ahmed Ijaz Masood said that women should avoid unhealthy lifestyle and food including farm chicken, pizzas, burgers that were one of the causes of breast cancer.

What Should Eat?

Dr. Ahmed Ijaz Masood advised them to eat fruits, vegetables and nuts to keep themselves healthy and urged the girls to take care of themselves for the sake of people who were connected to them.

The cancer specialist gave a detailed presentation on how to perform your self-examination test to detect breast cancer. Dr. Masood briefly explained different kinds of cancer their symptoms and treatments. The seminar on Breast Cancer Awareness was organized by Women University Multan (WUM) Director Students Affairs, in collaboration with an NGO. The seminar was attended by a good number of faculty members and students. Speaking at the seminar, WUM Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Uzma Quraishi urged the participants to examine themselves and adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid breast cancer.