Education Boards Have Decided To Change The Paper Pattern Of Board Exams


Education boards have decided to change the paper pattern of the board exams. According to the sources the authorities have prepared the draft and working on its implementation. It has been decided that a committee will be formed to monitor and review the progress of the proposed plan. In the committee, various higher officials will be included such as the additional secretary board, Punjab higher education commission, textbook board, chairmen board, and deputy secretory board.

Reforms In Pakistan Education System

Now the authorities are determined to change the paper pattern so that the students can focus on the core concepts rather than forcing themselves to learn the topics of all the books. This will be beneficial for the students as they will be able to understand the main points and enhance their knowledge and can perform well at the national as well as the international level. After the intermediate when the MDCAT is conducted thousands of students appear but only the candidates that have a better understanding of the concepts qualified for the medical entrance exam because many students at the critical stage of the preparation of entry test used to cram the study material.