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Quick Ratio is also known as_______________?

A. Current Ratio B. Acid-test Ratio C. Cash Ratio D. Solvency Ratio

Period costs include which of the following?

A. Selling expense B. Raw material C. Direct labor D. Manufacturing overhead

Which of the following ratios are particularly interesting to short-term creditors?

A. Liquidity Ratios B. Long-term Solvency Ratios C. Profitability Ratios D. Market Value Ratios

A standardized financial statement presenting all items of the statement as a percentage of total is:

A. a common-size statement B. an income statemen C. a cash flow statement D. a balance sheet

Earning per share is computed as:

A.   ____________Earning After Tax_____________           No of common shares outstanding B.   ____No of common shares outstanding___ Earning after Tax C.  ____Earning before Tax____ Common shares D....

In which type of market, new securities are traded?

A. Primary market B. Secondary market C. Tertiary market D. None of the given options

Which of the following is the process of planning and managing a firm‟s long-term investments?

A. Capital Structuring B. Capital Rationing C. Capital Budgeting D. Working Capital Management

Cash flow from assets involves which of the following component(s)?

A. Operating cash flow B. Capital spending C. Change in net working capital D. All of the given options

Which of the following terms refers to the use of debt financing?

A. Operating Leverage B. Financial Leverage C. Manufacturing Leverage D. None of the given options

Which of the following is the overall return the firm must earn on its existing assets to maintain the value of the stock?

A. IRR (Internal Rate of Return) B. MIRR (Modified Internal Rate of Return) C. WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) D. AAR (Average Accounting Return)

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