Recently, The Luxury sleeper Bus ‘Super International’ has been launched will travel from _____ to ______?

A. Islamabad to Karachi B. Lahore to Karachi C. Karachi to Quetta D. Sialkot to Peshawar

Reason for a Swimming Pool to appear Less Deep than the actual depth is the ________?

A. Refraction B. Light scattering C. Reflection D. Interference

Name of dollar-denominated diaspora bond which is going to set by Pakistani Government on 31 January 2019 for overseas Pakistanis to increase foreign exchange...

A. Pakistan Banao Certificate B. Qarz Otaro cerificate C. Khoshhal Pakistan Certificate D. Pakistan Overseas Certificate

________ drama win the title of Best Motion Picture Drama in Golden Globes 2019 Awards ?

A. Roma, Mexico B. Green Book C. Bohemian Rhapsody  D. None of the above

The Provincial Cabinet of Sindh on January 21,2019, in a landmark decision approved to replace 100 years old Prison Act 1894 with new...

A. Sindh Prisons Reform Act 2019 B. Rehabilitation Of Prisons Sindh Act 2019 C. Sindh Prison and Correction Act 2019 D. None of These

UNFPA and UNICEF have launched a joint programme to address ________ global issue?

A. Malnutrition in Children B. Child Marriage C. Sanitation D. Girl Education

Chemistry MCQ’s Quiz with Answers

1. Which element is a liquid at ordinary temperature?      Mercury 2. What is the chemical name of baking soda?     Sodium hydrogen carbonate 3. What...

Saying ‘Al-Hamdulillah’ is known as _________ ?

A. Tehleel B. Takbeer C. Tahmeed D. Tasbeeh

The Eden of Sindh is called ________?

A. Hyderabad B. Karachi C. Larkana D. Sukkur

King Abdullah Died on ________ date?

A. 23rd January 2011 B. 23rd January 2013 C. 23rd January 2015 D. None of these

Who is the Current Ambassador of Pakistan in UK _______ ?

A. Mr Masood khalid B. Mr. Nafees Zakaria C. Ali Jahangir Siddiqui D. Syed Ibn-e-Abbas

who conquered Bait-tul-Maqdas ______?

A. Muhammad bin Qasim B. Musa bin Nusair C. Salah udin Ayyub D. Tariq bin Ziad



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