Rules & Guidelines for Prepistan Forum

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Rules & Guidelines for Prepistan Forum

Post by PrepAdmin » Sat 13 Oct, 2018 6:00 pm

Welcome to Prepistan Forum!

This is a discussion forum to bring aspirants like yourself, together on one platform so that you can share your thoughts, learn from others and get your exam-related queries resolved.

Since This discussion forum is for those preparing seriously for various govt, public service commissions, NTS, Entry Tests etc. exams, there are certain rulse & regulation which need to be followed by all its members to maintain respect and decorum of the forum.

We request you to follow the rules religiously while using this forum:

a. When Starting a Topic:

The title of your topic and your comments should strictly be exam-related. Use This for educational purposes only. Only general forum is exempted from this.
Keep your questions direct and clear.
Avoid editing your comment.

b. Code of Conduct:

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.
Do not share anyone’s personal or other sensitive information. Although this is a virtual platform, your fellow users are humans.
Be thoughtful and respectful while posting topic or comments. Do not use harsh tone or unnecessary sarcasm. Choose your words wisely.
Posting inappropriate content will be strictly dealt with. So will be posting personal attacks, profanity, hate speeches and provocative messages.
Spreading rumors in an exam-related space can trigger anxiety in students. Therefore, to avoid misguidance, verify information before posting it. Also, try to include the source of information in the post.
Stay on the topic indicated in the title of the thread. Shift your discussion to a different thread if you wish to discuss something else

c. Criteria of Spam:

Do not use this Forum to promote your product, business and services.
Please don't post links to personal blogs/websites/videos - they will be deleted.
Trolling users or impersonating fellow users will lead to termination of account. You may appeal against such bans by contacting the administrators.
We encourage you to participate actively. However, do not post same/similar replies in multiple thread just because you want to draw attention quickly.
Your topics and replies must not contain or insinuate (a) religious preaching, (b) political statements / campaigning, (c) advertisement / spam of any kind, (d) anything else that goes against the notion of 'absolute political neutrality'.

d. Gender Sensitivity:

Prepistan has a zero-tolerance policy for gender insensitivity. Any member, aggrieved by gender insensitivity faced on forum, is encouraged to send their complaint directly to the moderators (Mods).

e. How to Report:

If you come across inappropriate content or spam, you can ‘flag’ it. Our Mods will then get notified and take necessary action.